Journal of Green Business and Sustainable Development (JGBSD) (ISSN xxxx) is a scholarly and open access journal. It publishes conceptual, empirical and review studies related to sustainability and sustainable development. Publication is done two times in a year. It is an online journal by the Eco-BPC, University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana. 

Aims and Scope

JGBSD is a journal of green and sustainable business practices, including ethical marketing, accounting, finance and human resource. It also focuses on sustainable consumption and production, environmental and sustainable development, green marketing as well as sustainable procurement and supply chain management. It publishes reviews, empirical research papers, short notes and conceptual papers.

The journal provides the platform for the dissemination of scientific research findings related to the environment and how resource can be used to meet the needs of today’s households, corporate bodies and governments, without compromising the resource requirements of future generations. Its focus is on the strategy for encouraging individuals, organisations and governments to become responsible for protecting people and the planet without detriment to profit-earning and satisfaction of shareholders.